About Michelle

Five Phenomenal Reasons to Hire Me (Your Soon-To-Be Favorite Phraseologist)

I used to think that writing was about self-expression, but now I see it as a way to connect with others. I ask myself about my writing, “Is it useful and fun-to-read?” Yes? It’s time I move on to another exciting challenge. No? Then the research and writing process continues. Time to learn new stuff and have fun—I’m being serious, not sarcastic here—transforming facts into easy to read, flowing text. I figure out my angle, the connections I’ll make, and the points I’ll prove. Then I write. Once inspiration hits me, I can’t type fast enough. 

The experience of writing is mind-breaking, Sudoku-type, all-consuming never-ending work. It is also the absolute reverse: five minutes for a punchy piece, written brilliantly—at least to me and my friends and family. The latter is rarer than the former. But my love for the written word is equal in both extremes and everything in between. 

1. Hire me because my passion for writing runs deep. I knew I wanted to be a writer when I first met and fell in love with haiku. Sister Sandra, my bad-ass nun teacher, forced most of her students to write about what we saw on a class trip to a nature preserve. Being probably the only one she didn’t have to force, I was addicted to writing haiku for the next few years. Without the burden of rhyming, poetry was easy, much more impactful to me, and something I enjoyed writing and reading.

My love of poetry and its colorful language (wordplay, alliteration, metaphor and other clever techniques) still amazes and amuses me today. Check out my blog BKFrench.com, for various examples of my use of literary methods. Making words jump off the page is my thing. It was the thing that propelled me to achieve my bachelor’s degree in english. And, it’s the main reason why I’m an expert at writing essays, sales letters, useful, funny, and cool Yelp reviews, press releases and short form advertisements.

In the coming months, I plan to add more types of professional writing—like speeches, digital video scripts, and annual reports—to my roster. For a list of my current services, click here.

2. Hire me for my solid, reliable work ethic. If 11 years at my most recent job in publishing doesn’t say reliable and hard working in big flashing, neon letters, then maybe 16 years in publishing overall, will. I’ve learned so much, namely to never give up on my dreams.

3. Speaking of 16 years publishing experience, hire me because I have an extensive professional background in producing content responsibly. I’ve worked at a consumer magazine as a production editor and possess an innate understanding of publishing processes from draft copy to finished product.   

4. My future never looked so bright or felt this exciting. Hire me because as a fellow entrepreneur, I am committed to helping your small business achieve lasting success. 

At the beginning of our partnership, please expect a lot of questions—some of them may seem dumb—from me. Understanding your needs, your story, and your target audience, makes the process of finding the right words, messages and strategies to boost your success a lot easier.

5. I love small businesses. Being from Brooklyn—home of NYC’s best cafes, antique shops, and dare I say pizza—small businesses always will be a big part of my life. When I travel, I’m eager to say: yes to unique boutique hotels; no to impersonal, vanilla hotel chains; yes to quaint, charming cafes with grandma’s recipes handed down; no to huge, world-renowned restaurants, founded by celebrity chefs; yes to the free and simple carousel ride; no to buying something expensive, which I already have access to in the U.S.

True. In that magnificently large restaurant, you may devour the most spectacular meal of your life. But you won’t taste a dream come true or authentic flavors of a proud heritage. That type of magic only exists at a small, family-run business.