Attention Entrepreneurs, Restaurateurs, Realtors, Artists, and Nonprofits: Is Your Small Business Thriving or Simply Surviving?

The HR manager, the head accountant, the creative director, and the overworked employee roles of a small business are, more often than not, fulfilled by one person. Salesforce reported in 2017 that 66% of U.S. small business owners juggle important task after important task on their own. The stress. The pride. The mistakes that become a part of your professional reputation!!

Don’t spread yourself too thin. You risk losing respect from your industry peers and potential customers. Start out small. Forget everything you’ve heard about multitasking. You need to delegate.

How difficult is it to focus on attraction and retention of customers when you’re desk is piled high with bid letters, scribbled-on calendars and plans for current projects? You don’t sleep, or rather, you can’t sleep. 

Or can you? If you put in time and effort to market your goods and/or services towards the right groups of people, there would be no stopping you from achieving entrepreneurial success. As a copywriter, I can help you communicate with your potential buyers to reach your goals. Do you need:

  • Slogans or taglines for advertisements that ring bells for prospective clients; 
  • Social media blurbs that highlight your community outreach efforts;
  • A brochure that puts your customers’ needs first while illustrating your services;
  • An e-newsletter that informs readers of your latest wins?

Open communication with current and possible clients can save your business from closing, as more than 14,000 NYC small businesses closed last year alone—cited from the 2018 Small Business Profile. Don’t alienate your future clients! Let them know that you’re here to stay and ready to help them. The best way to do that is to adopt an adequate marketing plan. You’ll start increasing your success right away.

By “marketing plan,” I mean more than posting pictures of your products and listing your services on your website or Instagram page. You need great editorial content that speaks to people in a voice they understand and admire. Ask yourself this: Have I given my potential customers proof that my first priority is to get to know them and help them in the way that only I can? 

Start gaining and retaining customers today. Have an urgent writing task? Don’t know where to start? Check out my portfolio to get a sense of my writing style and ability. And, click here to see why I’m confident that I’m the right person to help you. Email me at or call me at 917-592-5789. I have a phrase you’ll love. Promise.


Michelle Wright